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Career Opportunities - Supply Chain

Land : Nederland Nederland

Provincie : Noord-Holland

Gemeenten : Amsterdam

Stad : Amsterdam

Categorie : Detailhandel

Contracttype : Vast

Dienstverband : Voltijds


Wij zijn op zoek naar authentieke, gedreven en dynamische persoonlijkheden die gepassioneerd zijn over alles waar Rituals voor staat. Wil jij graag voor dit fantastische bedrijf werken en een belangrijke bijdrage leveren aan ons prachtige merk? Begin vandaag nog!


Our Supply Chain department is growing. There are multiple career opportunities as listed below. Supply Chain will never be the bottleneck for growth, that's our motto. Rituals is growing rapidly in all sales channels in existing countries, opening 100 stores per year. But also in new territories such as USA, Middle East and Asia.
Therefore it is key to invest in capacity, build scalable processes, automate where possible. But with growth, complexity increases too. So it is critical to search for simple elegant solutions to stay in control. Providing excellent customer service in these circumstances is an absolute must, year round but especially around our new product launches, promotions and key events such as Mother's Day, Black Friday, Christmas and Single's Day in China!
Supply Chain is organised in 6 teams, Customer Fulfilment, E-commerce Supply Chain, Logistics, S&OP, Supply Planning & Inventory and SC Projects & Analytics. Next to the head office in Amsterdam, we positioned two supply chain teams in New York and Hong Kong. We're looking for strong energetic professionals to support Rituals growth. You will find highly motivated, talented colleagues, of which several are already into their second role as we take internal development very seriously.
Customer Fulfilment
The customer fulfilment team supports Lines of Businesses Retail, Wholesale and Travel by providing the best service to customers. We are the voice of the customer within Supply chain, striving for an efficient, effective and scalable order to cash process end to end. It consists of 2teams.
The Retail Shop Logistics team ensures timely delivery and customer support to all 800 stores and supports the paperless in-store goods receipt & inventory accuracy processes.
The Wholesale & Travel Supply chain team manages the order to cash process for our Key Accounts (Department stores, Perfumeries, Duty Free, Pure Players) and other B2B customers.
Quote Eva Leeuwerck - Customer Fulfilment specialist: In this fast-pace environment I never got bored and have always been challenged to excel and adapt in my job every single day.
Open vacancies:
Sr Shop Logistics Specialist
Shop Logistics Coordinator
E-commerce Supply Chain
The E-commerce supply chain team ensures the on time in full fulfilment of all B2C orders in a true omnichannel fashion, working closely with our Digital and IT teams. Orders can be shipped out 1 of our of 5 E-commerce DCs, or via Click & Collect and Ship from Store out of one of our Retail stores. We strive for fast and reliable delivery by implementing local hero carriers in our multiple carrier strategy. Our DCs offer customers choice of delivery options, giftwrapping, greeting cards and supports customising your own perfume as well as your shampoo/conditioners.
We have exiting plans lined up for new DCs in Spain, Germany and China to support the ongoing growth.
E-commerce Fulfilment Specialist
The S&OP team is in charge of the global demand planning for all Rituals product categories, sales channels and countries.
During the monthly S&OP process we gather business inputs from our sales teams. We work closely together with the marketing team to translate all planned promotions into an optimal forecast and support a smooth execution. To keep surprising our customers we innovate 25% of our assortment on a yearly basis. The S&OP team manages all demand related introduction activities and makes sure the business is fully aligned to successfully support our beautiful product launches. We agree on growth related business drivers with the financial Control team and translate all business insights into a rolling financial demand plan.
Not only the S&OP team, but also Rituals is growing incredibly fast. To keep supporting this exciting growth trend and reach our ambitions of running a fully integrated business planning process, we work with a state of the art forecasting tool, Logility.
Quote Lisanne Landman - S&OP Demand planner: "Since my start at Rituals, not one single week has been the same. The fast growth of the company entails a lot of opportunities and responsibility, within dynamic and interesting projects."
Quote Adeline Dessing - Promotion planner: "It feels like I gained years of experience in the past year; Rituals is about empowering your coworkers and making the fullest use of your talents. From the start on I got complete ownership in my role, you can say my learning curve is as fast as Rituals' growth!"
Open Vacancies:S&OP Demand Planner - Innovations
S&OP Demand Planner
Supply Planning & Inventory
"Without supply no sales" and that is the truth! Orchestrating the Rituals supply planning is not only one of the most complex, it's also one of the most valuable 'rituals'. We are growing rapidly in sales volume and new regions. As Supply Planning department we can never be the bottleneck. Securing global availability of products from our suppliers to our customers is up to us, especially in seasonal peaks. The team is also responsible for the automated replenishment of our 900 stores, including our new flagship House of Rituals store in Amsterdam.
To keep up with the growth we are investing in making our supply planning future prove. The three words that describe our direction are; pro-active, automated and innovative. From supplier forecasting and capacity management to value-added supply planning per shop. We are improving all aspects of our processes in a phenomenal speed and recently radically upgraded our Planning System SLIM4 to be ready for the next years to come.
Logistics is the key department in supporting the growth of Rituals. We are investing in capacity to support the B2B and B2C growth not only in Europe, but also in USA and Asia. Automation, robotisation and mechanisation are key ingredients to make this growth happen in a profitable way.
For peak moments in the business such as monthly new product launches, Mother's Day and Christmas sufficient pick/pack/ship & storage capacity is critical, but equally imporant is to maintain a high pick accuracy to minimise disruption at the customer. We also drive innovative programs to help our Retail stores with timely deliveries, preferrably early morning or outside opening hours. Last but not least, we want to provide reliable deliveries to our key accounts via pre-alerts and booking slots.
Quote Richard Lans - Logistics Operations Manager (Transport):"Never a dull moment. Logistics is the connecting factor between supply and demand. The daily challenge of providing the right service to the various Rituals departments gives me a lot of satisfaction. To be successful in this you get full support to use your skills but also to continue to develop them to keep up with the continuous growth."
Supply Chain Project Management (SCPM)
The SCPM team is responsible for managing strategic Supply Chain & Sourcing Projects. The team has defined one way of working for project management across the entire Supply Chain department, stimulating everyone to participate in one or more projects to help support Rituals growth. Besides projects, the team also manages data projects to get necessary reporting data in a Cloud environment, defines KPI requirements with the business teams and (helps) develop & roll out reports and dashboards built in Power BI. While the business teams mentioned above are running the supply chain operation - this team helps managers and teams take a step back and look at vision, strategy and future aspirations with an aim to develop capabilities for the next stage of supply chain maturity.
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