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Junior Business Application Manager Finance

Land : Nederland Nederland

Provincie : Noord-Holland

Gemeenten : Amsterdam

Stad : Amsterdam

Categorie : Financiën

Contracttype : Vast

Dienstverband : Voltijds


Wij zijn op zoek naar authentieke, gedreven en dynamische persoonlijkheden die gepassioneerd zijn over alles waar Rituals voor staat. Wil jij graag voor dit fantastische bedrijf werken en een belangrijke bijdrage leveren aan ons prachtige merk? Begin vandaag nog!


To take our financial platforms to the next level. And the one(s) after that. A gratifying role, both because of the scope (Rituals is a global player with a huge transaction volume) and the way the role is positioned: you are the liaison between the business and financial software vendors. Moreover, once you master 'the art' of driving financial software development, we'll gladly invite you to leverage that knowledge in the supply chain domain.
- Contribute to the continuity, continuous development, and innovation of (mainly) financial software solutions
- Liaise with key users, identify issues/opportunities, and translate findings into workable solutions
- Instruct vendors to make necessary changes and inspire them to innovate
- Help bridge the 'traditional gap' between the business and software partners
- Manage stakeholder expectations. E.g., by aligning plans and ensuring everybody knows what to expect, when, and why
- Participate in projects, both within the Finance and (later) Supply Chain domains
- Team up with direct colleagues, counterparts in Finance/IT, business analysts and product owners to tackle projects that achieve organisational goalsTHE IN-DEPTH VERSION
As Junior Business Application Manager Finance, you join the Business Technology team, where seven experienced colleagues will gladly welcome you and get you up to speed. Your main goal is to bridge the divide between the internal business and our external software partners. The more we can co-create solutions, the better the result. You will zoom in mostly on Finance platforms, such as ERP AX2012 and Coupa Procurement. These are best-of-breed Cloud/SaaS solutions with API services. However, we invite you to discover the Supply Chain domain as well, which brings middleware (ESB - Biztalk), master data management (STEP/Stibo) solutions and the RGC Google Cloud firmly into scope.
The role is a mix of coordinating (Agile) change management - evaluating requirements, conceptualising solutions, liaising with software vendors, stakeholder management - and hands-on (often impromptu!) work. If a financial report has to comply with, say, Norwegian tax regulations, you are our go-to (wo)man. You also participate in larger business (e.g., implementing Coupa) and IT projects (e.g., transitioning to Dynamics 365). Your primary stakeholders include key users within the business, counterparts at software partners and senior project managers. You also work closely with direct colleagues, business analysts and product owners within the larger tech community, such as specialists in the field of master data management and the Google Cloud. Your ability to forge solid bonds with all of these stakeholders is key to maximising your impact. After all, if end users and software suppliers enjoy working together, issues will be resolved quicker.
- You have a relevant bachelor's/master's and at least 1 year experience in Finance
- You are crazy about FinTech and feel right at home in ERP solutions
- You combine a passion for high-volume financial processes with affinity for supply chain logistics. Some experience in that field would come in very, very handy
- You are looking for a role in which you'll achieve 'double-digit' personal growth, and can cope with the dynamic environment that requires
- You don't have to Google 'Agile' and 'DevOps'
- You are a budding project manager. Experience with Atlassian's Jira is a big plus
- You want to explore new tooling and domains (e.g., Supply Chain platforms)
- You know how to zoom out to see the big pictureWE ARE RITUALS
We're not here to sell you beauty; we are here to make you feel good." Raymond Cloosterman, CEO Rituals.
We are a global brand, established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2000. Our ambition is to grow sustainably and become - and remain - the number one global luxury brand in cosmetics. Today, Rituals operates in more than 807 stores, 2700 shop-in-shops across 33 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America. Rituals is an omnichannel brand that operates within Retail, Wholesale, E-com and Travel Retail.
Our dream is to bring our philosophy of slowing down to different parts of the world and to create a global lifestyle movement.
In 2020 we had a great milestone, celebrating our 20th birthday. We celebrated this by opening the largest Rituals store in the world, our very first flagship store, House of Rituals. It spans 1700 square meters across 4 floors. Containing new exclusive collections, a restaurant and a mind and body spa.
Over the next 10 years we want to take the brand and company to the next level. This means not only open more stores, but we also want to build even more of a community around the brand.
By joining Rituals, you'll get to experience a strong culture and entrepreneurial spirit which empowers you to create your meaningful career. We care about the well-being of our staff, as much as we value the well-being of the planet. By passionately looking after both, we believe we can pave the way to a more sustainable world and take appropriate action to limit our footprint on Mother Earth. You'll have a strong sense of purpose at Rituals. Our mission is to make people feel good and touch as many lives as possible. Independent of your role, you will create a positive impact on our daily business.
If it's you we're looking for, please don't hesitate and send in your application. We'll be in touch soon.
Closing Date Applications February 13 2021
Acquisition is not appreciated.
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